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Chemical Injection Packages

Complete system to inject chemicals in liquid streams. Typically a water flood system consists of a filter, deaerator, etc. which utilize the following chemical feeds:

  • Polyelectrolyte: This is used as a coagulant aid which unites small suspended solids (which would normally escape filter media into effluent) into bigger particles facilitating their capture by filter media.

  • Biocide: Is used to kill the bugs in the water. Normally a shock treatment of 3-4 hours at 400-500 ppm is given per week to the water flood system at the filter inlet.

  • Chlorine: is continually fed to kill certain bacteria and stop the growth of algae.

  • Corrosion inhibitor: Prevents corrosion of piping and equipment.

  • Scale inhibitor: Prevents scaling in the piping and equipment, etc.

  • Oxygen Scavenger: Removes dissolved oxygen in water. Dosage of oxygen scavenger depends on the level of dissolved oxygen in the water which depends on the water temperature. For every part of dissolved oxygen, normally 6-10 ppm of oxygen scavenger is being used i.e. hydrazine, sodium sulfite ammonium bisulfate, etc

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