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As the name implies a Desalter is a vessel that removes salt from crude oil. Salt only exists in the water phase so there are two ways to remove the salt. One is to remove all the water, and the other is to dilute the water. A Desalter does both, it uses an electrostatic charge to cause most of the water to drop out, and fresh water is injected into the crude to dilute the salt concentration.

When crude oil is brought to the surface by whatever means, it frequently contains associated gas and other undesirable contaminants. These contaminants include produced water (brine) and insoluble particulate solids such as sand, silt and of course salts dissolved within the liquid water.

Before any refining plant will accept this crude oil for processing, the gas, produced water (containing salt) and other insoluble solids must be removed. The term “Basic Sediment and Water” BS&W, is used to define this type of crude oil contaminant level, usually in volumetric percent.

This Desalter was designed, fabricated and shipped to Occidental in Oman.

These four desalters are being shipped to Kuwait for removal of salt from 50,0000 BPD of 16.0 gravity heavy crude oil.

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