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Lunchers & Receivers

Pig Launchers and Receivers are used in daily pipeline operations as well as construction. Reasons for using pigs are:

  • Cleaning to increase pipeline efficiency

  • Pipeline inspection for cracks, ID measurement, pitting and other corrosion problems

  • To separate products in the pipeline

  • De-watering of pipelines after hydrostatic testing

To launch and receive pigs or spheres special piping is required at the inlet and exit of the pipeline to be pigged. A Launch/Receive system for pigs consists of the following components: launch and receive piping/barrel; quick opening closure; valves; pressure gauges; bypass tees; skid assembly with drip pan; handling equipment for pig.

Launchers and Receivers

These Launchers and Receivers have been designed and fabricated by EN-FAB, Inc for placing at strategic points along a pipeline for pipeline inspection and cleaning.

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