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Liquid Metering Stations

The EN-FAB. concept of a packaged Liquid Metering System and Meter Prover go far beyond mere fabrication. Our unit is a precision equipment of a company that pioneered development of measurement stations. It is a package of engineering expertise found nowhere else.

Complete engineering from the ground up produces exactly what you want in your system. The unit design can start out with a complete set of specifications you have drawn up, or you may supply us simply a short listing of measurement needs. In either case, our engineering staff will work with you to develop, review and complete, a finished set of specifications and drawings for your unit.

Service and training make a smoother operation. We can provide the technical personnel necessary to oversee installation of your unit. Our field technicians can help calibrate and troubleshoot if necessary. Our measurement experts offer training for your personnel in our Houston facilities or in the field.

We also offer complete services for the package, including: flow testing and calibration, simulated electrical testing, and dead weight testing of pressure test equipment.

Liquid Metering System with Turbine Meters

This system is presently being utilized in Azerbaijan to transport crude oil through a Russian pipeline.

Liquid Metering & Proving System with Turbine Meters

This 250,000 BPD capacity crude oil metering system is in operation in Malaysia. It is mounted on an FPSO and is certified by ABS.

Liquid Metering System Under Flow Test

This unit has a quality control fast loop system with automatic sampler, densitometer, BS&W monitor etc.

Completely Automated Liquid Metering System

This completely automated system was designed and fabricated for Chevron Nigeria. The control system was also designed to control an existing system that was already operational in the field.

Product Liquid Metering System

This product liquid metering system is in operation in Houston, Texas.

Liquid Metering System Mounted on a FPSO

This metering system is in operation in Malaysia.

Liquid Custody Transfer System in Operation

This liquid custody transfer system is in operation in South America. This LACT unit consists of metering, automatic proving and BS & W monitoring with automatic reject system.

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