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Mariqita-Cali Gas pipeline, Columbia

In mid July, 1995 Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers of Houston, Texas awarded EN-FAB, Inc. a purchase order to engineer and fabricate ancillary equipment required for a 340 km, 20" pipeline project for Colombia, the Mariquita to Cali gas pipeline. Through an aligned relationship to review and approve all design issues, Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers and EN-FAB have managed to meet a demanding execution schedule. All one hundred and eight (108) skids had to be completed within a short eight (8) months delivery schedule.

The project consisted of the following pieces of equipment:

  • 20" Pipeline Gas Inlet Station at Mariquita

  • 20" Main Line Launchers and Receivers

  • Main Line Block Stations

  • Lateral Launcher Stations 2" thru 8"

  • City Gate Stations 0.5 MMSCFD to 77 MMSCFD of natural gas

  • Solar Panels to power the remote stations SCADA equipment

  • Remote Transmission Units used to collect and send information

  • Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

  • Electric Heaters

  • Filter Separators

  • Odorizer Stations

The demanding eight month delivery schedule was accomplished by Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers and En-Feb using the latest technology to engineer, design, approve, build, and test the equipment. The packages were engineered to allow standardization. The philosophy of the design was, use common arrangements of the equipment to facilitate drawing preparation and fabrication. Drawing transmittal was achieved using a computer MODEM link between Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers and EN-FAB in Houston, and Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers and its project office in Colombia.

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