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Modular Production System

Modularization, is the keyword when space and time is at premium. EN-FAB’s capabilities in providing modularized packages is well documented by the pictures below. At a plant in Ohio, a complete production facility was modularized when space became a problem. EN-FAB was given the allotted space and the P&ID’s of the production system. Engineering and design layout of the system with all of the production equipment was performed by EN-FAB, Inc.

Another project was an ammonia recycling plant which needed to be modularized when time and space were both at premium. This particular unit also required space be available for a vessel to be installed in the field, at a later date.

While most production equipment is furnished individually skid mounted, there are times when modular type packages are a necessity. EN-FAB is well versed in providing this type of packaging.

Modularized Production Package

This modularized package was designed and fabricated for an Ammonia plant where time and space were both at a premium.

Modularized Production Package

This modularized production package was built for Shell Oil Refinery in Ohio. EN-FAB was given the allotted space and P&IDs of the production system. EN-FAB was responsible for the design layout and engineering along with equipment design and fabrication.

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