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Produced Water Packages

Water that is produced with oil must be disposed of in an environmentally satisfactory and efficient manner. After the water, oil and gas are separated, the water which still contains some solids, oil and dissolved based must be treated to make it suitable for disposal or re-use.

Produced water can be disposed of in a disposal well, can be re-used (steam generator or water flood), or it can be put back into the surface environment.

There are three methods of removing the suspended solids and oil from water, they are; Gravity separation, Hydocyclone, Flotation, and Filtration.

Flotation cells require only a minimum of space for large capacity throughput and work well with emulsions. Floatation cells work by inducing a gas into the bottom of a vessel. As the gas rises, oil particles and solids adhere to gas bubbles and are entrained. The oil and suspended solids gather in a dense froth at the surface and are removed into a flume float for collection and treatment.

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