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One Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Sultanate of Oman

In 2006, EN-FAB, Inc. was awarded a contract to design, manufacture and supply six (6) Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (OTHRSG) for Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine Generators (GTG). Each of the six OTHRSG units has a capacity of 100 MMBTU/Hr.

Each system consists of:

  • Bypass System with diverter damper, expansion joints and stack

  • Transition duct sections and main stack

  • Convective Section with coil assembly for steam generation

  • Duct Burner System with three horizontal elements. Each system complete with main and pilot gas headers, redundant skid-mounted scanner cooling air blowers and an integral exhaust gas flow distribution grid

  • Fuel gas skid

  • Burner management system

  • Feed water high pressure pump

  • Feed water heat exchanger

  • Steam separator, designed for 99.95% separation efficiency

  • Air cooled heat exchanger

  • All interconnect pipes and valves.

  • Modified ISO climate control container for housing of the control panel and MCC/VFD panel. The control system automatically adjusts the fuel – water ratio parameter to keep the steam quality at 80% at all operating levels.

EN-FAB’s well qualified and experienced personnel will also supervise field installation, start-up and commissioning of the units.

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