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EOR Steam Generators

The EN-FAB Steam Generator is a "once through" forced circulation type. The unit may be designed to supply wet, saturated or superheated steam discharge conditions. Pressure ratings will be supplied to customer's specifications and are normally furnished in 1000, 1500, or 2500 PSIG working pressure.

The horizontal design is utilized for easier transportation, field installation and repair, use of either gas or liquid fuels, and elimination of vertical flow and entrained liquid fallback problems associated with vertical type heaters.

The horizontal serpentine straight tube design simplifies tube and refractory repair if required as compared to helical wound or vertical type installations. Drainage of the heater for non-operating periods in freezing weather is simplified in the single tube serpentine design.

Feedwater Pump and Prime Mover

The feedwater pump is normally a positive displacement pump to provide the necessary feedwater pressure and flow rate required for the generator.

Feedwater Preheater

This is normally a double pipe hair pin type heat exchanger used to raise the feedwater temperature above the flue gas dew point to prevent condensation of water in the flue gas and the resulting acid corrosion and deposits.

Radiant Section

The radiant section is cylindrical with horizontal tubes transposed around the radiant section for equalized heat pick up. The tubes are supported with high alloy tube supports and are free to expand with temperature changes. The radiant section also provides large furnace volume for flexibility in combustion fuel and firing changes. The heat transfer surface in the radiant section normally picks up about 60% to 65% of the overall heat transfer duty. The refractory lined wall provides for reflective heat transfer to the tubes and insulation to reduce heat loss through the chamber wall.

Convective Section

The convection section is fabricated from both bare and extended surface tubes. Flue gases from the radiant section enters the convective section flowing across the bare or shock tubes first and then across the extended surface tubes. The convective section normally picks up 35% of 40%, or more, of the overall heat transfer duty. These convective sections are designed to give the desired efficiencies. Mechanically they are designed for easy tube replacement and maintenance. Side covers may be supplied with lay down doors for cleaning if desired.


Burners may be supplied for natural gas, butane, propane, or liquid fuels. Liquid fuels include crude oil. Heavy viscous oils need preheating to provide a viscosity at the burner of 100 to 150 SSU's at the burner nozzle.


The feedwater flow rate is controlled by the generator discharge pressure. The burner firing rate is controlled by a metered flow rate signal. This allows the generator to be adjusted to give the desired steam discharge quality. Standard and optional safety limit devices allow unattended operation of the Generator. Certain limits are standard with annunciator lights to indicate reason of shutdown. Other limits are optional along with additional annunciator devices.

Steam Generators in Operation

Over thirtyfive (35) 50 MMBTU per hour Steam generators, designed and manufactured by EN-FAB, Inc. are presently in operation in the oilfields of Kern County, Bakersfield, California, USA. Shell and Mobil Oil are the customers. EN-FAB, Inc. Bakersfiled operation installed and commissioned these units on a turnkey basis. The units are of two different designs - one as a regular vertical convection section and the other a unique horizonatl convection section. EN-FAB's service center in Bakersfield is over 25 years old. The operation has dedicated most of its resources in the area of thermal enhanced oil recovery and presently very active.

50 MMBTU&Hr Steam Generator

These 50 MMBTU per hour steam generators are in operation in Bakersfield, California. These steam generators, designed and constructed by EN-FAB, Inc. are one-through forced circulation type.

Steam Generator Under Construction

These steam generators are under construction. The horizontal design of the convection section is utilized for easier transportation, field transportation and repair.

Four 25 MMBTU / Hr Trailer Mounted Steam Generators along with Water softeners were shipped to Petrobras, Brazil during year

One 15 MMBTU/Hr Trailer Mounted Steam Generator was shipped to Petrobras, Brazil during year 2002.

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