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Thermal Liquids (Hot Oil) Heaters And Systems

A Thermal Liquid (Hot Oil) Heater is similar to a Steam Generator in that a thermal liquid is heated as it passes through coils similar to the coil arrangement in a steam generator. After the liquid is heated it is passed to a heat exchanger that is placed in the medium to be heated. A thermal liquid like DowTherm is a liquid that looks like oil but will not break down at high temperatures.

A Thermal System incorporates a Hot Oil Heater that heats the thermal liquid as it is circulated from the heat exchanger. The temperature is maintained by a thermostat located at the discharge of the heater. The control panel manages the burner firing plate and maintains the temperature at the prescribed level.

The Thermal Heater and Heat Exchanger can be used to heat asphalt, gas, crude oil, refinery process or any process that required heating where direct or indirect heaters cannot be used.

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