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Two Phase Steam Distribution System

EN-FAB, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide licensee to market, manufacture and service an innovative Two-Phase Steam Distribution System, developed by Shell Oil Company.

In Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (TEOR) projects, high quality two-phase steam is injected into hydrocarbon bearing formations to increase production. If it is necessary to distribute this steam to individual injection wells, the problem arises in dividing the main flow into the individual flows while maintaining the same ratio between vapor and water in the individual flows. The above problem will be more significant when large co-generation plants are installed. The co-generation plants will produce both electricity and the steam required for the TEOR projects. These plants will be centralized and the initial steam flow will be large and must be divided into the individual flows for various injection wells.

The DAN-SQUID system, has been extensively used at Shell’s steamflood operation at the Kern River fields in Bakersfield, California.

The system provides means for splitting a vapor-liquid stream into multiple individual streams which have substantially the same vapor-liquid ratio. The system uses an inlet static mixer to thoroughly mix liquid and distribute it throughout the vapor. The thoroughly mixed vapor-liquid is introduced into the top of a closed vertical cylindrical vessel. This patented vertical vessel with a central inlet in the top is provided with a plurality of outlets which extend radially out from the sidewall of the vessel. These outlets are equally spaced around the circumference of the vessel. As the mixture passes into the vessel it strikes an especially designed diverter element which forces the mixture outwardly through the individual outlets. The flow in each outlet is normally controlled by metering valves for the individual wells.

The DAN-SQUID system in conjunction with the DAN-STM package will provide for the oil industry total capability to accurately distribute, measure and control the injected heat, in the form of steam at each injection well. The DAN-STM measures the steam quality and mass flow at the injection well

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